Wow! What a dire performance!

It’s so rare you see a team in a cup final that just quite clearly do not care about being in a cup final.

You are at Wembley, what is wrong with you? This is every boy’s dream! Yet, the lack of motivation was just so clear and so disappointing for Arsenal fans – those few of them that still remain in the latter years of the Wenger era.


Ramsey and Wiltshire partnered each other in midfield for the first time in almost three years – in fact, they were both present when Arsenal lost the final to Birmingham City in 2011, playing for this, the only domestic trophy Wenger has never won.

I had £5 on City winning and Ageuro scoring, and that was never in doubt.

The match opened with the national anthem being sung, which I’m sure mattered a lot to the players who had to stand and listen to it considering only one of them was English.

And Arsenal stand a chance, right? I mean, if they are losing late on, they could always bring on Giroud. And with Sanchez and Walcott down the wings, their team look…

Oh, wait. Whoops.


Both of them play with reserve keepers, but only one of them got the assist. Bravo booted the ball up to Ageuro in the eighteenth minute. Mustafi wanted a foul for absolutely nothing, so whilst he stood still moaning, Ageuro sauntered between the centre backs and chipped the keeper for his 199th goal for City.

Arsenal did get a succession of free kicks at the end of the first half – though this only served to show how poor Arsenal are at distributing free kicks.

And, at the stroke of half-time, Wiltshire falls over again and the Arsenal fans boo the referee because apparently Wiltshire’s legs being made of felt is Stuart Atwell’s fault.

Then, as the second half opens, Arsenal as a team look even weaker than Wiltshire’s legs.


Kompany has a shot deflected, then as City approach the hour mark, completely dominant, Kompany wins a corner. Kompany then goes on to deflect a wayward shot that was as a result of the corner into the net. The captain, who has had forty-seven different injuries, was by far the man of the match.

VAR was consulted to check whether Sane, in an offside position, was interfering, to which he clearly wasn’t. Still, it does mean Wenger will have the opportunity to do what he always does – blame the referee for his team’s awful performance.


And, as Blue Moon rings out around Wembley and City fans do their weird celebration where they turn around and jump, meaning they don’t watch the football game they paid their ticket for, Arsenal are absolutely woeful. Their players walk back as City attack, walk as Arsenal get the ball and lose it again straight away. Pure lack of motivation from a team that clearly do not care.

Then the inevitable happens. Bernado Silva, substitute, hits the ball across the mouth of the goal and into the net. At the 78th minute, half of the Arsenal seats are empty.

That’s how bad they are. Their fans aren’t staying to watch them in a cup final at Wembley.

They don’t whimper out. They don’t care enough to whimper. They just step aside and allow City the victory.

How low does Wenger have to drag Arsenal before they listen to their fans?

Glad I’m not one of them.