The Premier League is once again upon us.



It’s been a tough few months, just watching whatever football DVDs I have, just waiting for the footy to begin. Now it’s here!

And here are my predictions:

Title Winner

For me, it’s between Manchester United and Manchester City. Mourinho magic or Guardialo Greatness.

Gareth Bale is rumoured to be leaving Real Madrid. I don’t think there’s anything to this rumour – sometimes I wonder if there’s some random guy somewhere spurting out nonsensical rumours and throwing them onto the internet.

But if it was true…

Each club has done some transfers, but don’t have that Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar amongst them.

Bale would be that player for whichever team he joined. He would be the deciding factor.

Biggest Letdown

This is between Arsenal and Everton.

Arsenal because, well, let’s face it – they’re naff.

They are no longer title contenders like they seem to think, and haven’t been so for years.

Everton are expected to do big things after some great signings – but Rooney will not turn out to be this great striker for them, and I think they’ll struggle to live up to the hype that surrounds them this season.


Biggest Surprise


Everyone expects them to be relegated. And they may well end up going down – but it will be like Blackpool a few seasons ago.

They will claim a few scalps in the process.

And I think they will upset a few of the top teams.