Two games in the Euro tournament.

8 goals.

1 hat trick.

2 clean sheets.

Incredible, right?

I mean, England Women have gone into Euro 2017 as one of the favourites, but so rarely to we actually see an England team capitalise on that favouritism.

It must be frustrating being part of this team and constantly being compared to the men’s game as second fiddle – but at the moment, there is no comparison. England Women are playing the kind of game that England Men never do.

They are confident, close-knit, and seeing games through even when they aren’t dominant. Our goal scorers are scoring, and we are doing better than any other team in the tournament.

At the moment, we look like we’re en route to the trophy.

Yes, bad refereeing decisions have let us down. Yesterday saw a goal ruled out for offside, completely incorrectly – but did we stew on it? No.

We saw through Spain’s dominance in the second half and grabbed us a second.

When England Men played Scotland a month or so ago, we played a far inferior team, and we had to come back to draw. When England Women did the same we beat them 6-0.

Just as we should! We have the better team, the better players and the better manager.

This isn’t the time when the England Women should be learning from the England Men.

This is the time when Gareth Southgate should tell his team to watch this tournament, watch how the women play, and do the same.

Enough saying that the women’s game isn’t good enough. There was far more attacking play and far more skill visible in yesterday’s game than there has been in international men’s football for a while.

Come on Lionesses – we believe in you!